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Audi R18 RP6 | Audi Motorsport |

Aktualisiert: 13. Sept. 2020

"A car, tailored for a race driver", that's how i would describe the design, the performance and the technology of this car!

It's the Audi R18 RP6 we're talking about. You were able to see this car in 2016, when it participated the WEC (FIA World Endurance Championship) and the 24 hours of Le Mans.

Two incredibly high perfomance engines are driving this Hypercar: A 4.0l, V6, TDI internal combustion engine with a power output of 514 hp, and aditional to that already high spec engine, an elecrical supporter with an astonishing 4 hundred! and seventy-five hp! Of course this electrical companion won't take the car from Bern to Rome, but it's a nice and punchy addition, especially in the lower rpm range! With this electric engine you will never experience any kind of lag in torque and you have full-boost from 0 rpm on.

The visual trademark of this car: It's tremendously striking design. The distinctive aerodynamik design of the car, paired with the high amount of in-built carbonfibre are making this car really dangerous for it's opponents!

Ahhhhh... everyone of us is hoping with all our fingers crossed, that audi will launch a car like this hypercar anytime soon again! ...or maybe in the near future as a Formula One engine manufacturer... Who knows?! Let's hope the best!

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