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We are two petrol-heads, trying to create a car community to discuss the trends in the motorsport world with looking back to the roots of the automobile industry.

Our goal is to inform and discuss with you the latest trends in motorsport, from Formula 1, through NASCAR, up to street legal car reviews.

We are mostly reviewing cars, which are available to most of the people and are good value for price.

Reasonable cars, yet sporty and fun!

"We are a two-cylindered engine block which is creating peak content at 9000rpm. No knock, no overheating and no natural aspiration. Just full boost and pedal to the metal!" 🏎

Aasish Thottiyil
Chief Editor - Founder - Motorsport Journalist - Sports Driver
Product Owner

Since I can think, my life was turning around cars. I was and am still fascinated of this sheer endless world of such different bolides. The absolutely precise engineering and the infinitly-seeming creativity to overcome physical issues and reaching to higher and higher performance figures are my driving force! Like the fuel-pump in the engine, which is delivering the energy for these articles, we want to share with You!

What does modern motorsport journalism need:

"Love to detail and a healthy dose of cringe!"

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Manuel Thomas
Co-Editor - Photo- & Cinematography - Product Owner

My name is Manuel Thomas and lots of the pictures you see on our page are shot by me. From childhood on I was fascinated about the world of photography. And I will never forget the time, I was gifted my first camera!

I try to improve my shooting skills and want to catch the moment. Especially my interest in cars and the automobile world are opening me a sheer endless world of opportunities! We really hope you enjoy the content we deliver and wish you a nice stay!

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