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Audi S3 Cabriolet - quattro stronic - Review

Aktualisiert: 9. Apr. 2023

🏁 TESTDRIVE is back again with an all new fully comprehensive Review 🏎 Today with the Audi S3 quattro stronic 🏁

I've driven the car now for three weeks. Amongst other routes, we were on a little cruise through germany. With the looser speed limits there, i was able to really give the car the spurs. And my all in one conclusion:

It was totally breathtaking! In german, i would have described it as:

Einfach Atemberaubend! Und das A in Atemberaubend bewusst gross: Weil das A uto A bsolut A bgefahren ist!

But why you may ask. Here is the answer:

There is absolutely no feelable turbolag, nor is there any kind of input lag on the gas. The motor responds emidiately on your inputs. If you have your Audi DriveSelect in "Dynamik" mode, you will never notice anything nearly called turbolag. The boardcomputer will then wisely choose the right gear at any situation to eliminate any kind of input lag. Also the throttle response will sharpen up, the double-clutch transmission goes into the race settings, the adaptive dampers will tighten up, the exhaust flaps get wide opened and the steering gets a bit heavier, so you will be able to guide your car precisely through the chicanes.

And what comes next is just pure motorsporting excitement!

"I'm speed!" (S3 Driver, 24, every single time he floors the throttle)


â„č When the top is closed, the boot capacity is fairly decent with 285l. In addition to that, you are able to use the back seats to stow your luggage or sports bag.

â„č The front seating position is exceptional with lots of options in adjusting the seats and the stearing wheel. In the rear, the room is limited, but for shorter journeys you can adjust yourself pretty good. We tested this on our trip to Bellinzona and Lugano with a 1.80m tall person as well as one person with a height of 1.70m on the rear seats. And with some minor tweaks it worked well on our 3 hour trip.

â„č The middle console is well layed out and everything is easy to reach. Also for the most important commands there are still dedicated physical buttons, which makes your inputs easy and comfortable. The Audi MMi itself is utterly intuitive to use with the rotary wheel and the very convenient layout of the switches and buttons. Beautiful and safe at the same time!

â„č The real game changer though is the AudiVirtualCockpit. It's such a usefull feature. You can display the whole Navigation on either the VirtualCockpit or the infotainment screen (or both if you wish). Also there is a dedicated part on the VirtualCockpit screen, where your real-time boost is shown. Nice! And so much more features to be displayed.

â–ȘAssistance Systems/Equipment:


-Audi preSense Front

-breaking assistant

-Lane keep assist

-ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)

-Blindspot detection

-High beam assist


-Audi Virtual Cockpit

-Audi MMi


-electrically adjustable seats

-massage function

-heated seats and steering wheel


-Alcantara Interieur

-keyless Go

-wind deflector

-and much more!

â–ȘTo sum up my impressions, i can just tell you, that the audi has really grown on me and that you have to feel the pure emotion of this car yourself!

The S3 is an everyday companion with lots of fun to deliver!


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