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Mercedes AMG GTR Pro

Let's have a look at the Formula 1 safety car. The Mercedes AMG GTR! A masterpiece from the in-house tuner! ...but wait!

"What is that, an even more developed version of the GTR, which itself is extremely beefy!" (Aasish Thottiyil, 24 years old, first reaction when he saw the news.)

But it's actually true! With some minor but really important tweeks here and there, AMG managed to set a new record against the AMG GTR itself! And don't forget, the engine performance figures are the exact same as the AMG GTR with no PRO behind it's name!

How you want to know? We broke down the major facts for you about this hypercar.

1. Optimized performance coilovers

The AMG GTR Pro has now new adaptive dampers of KW, which are three times manually adjustable.

Now we are not just able to change the spring base, but also the tow and compression levels are now able to be set up differently, according to your current track. The "old" AMG GTR had the Sachs-dampers.

2. Adjustable Stabilizers

Additional to the new performance coilovers, there are now new adjustable stabilizers in the front and the back. In the front there are two different set-ups and in the back three.

For the record lap on the Nürburgring the following set-up made the difference: Front axle: Hard, rear axle: middle.

3. A tiny bit less weight (-10kg)

Thanks to a bit more installed carbonfibre, standard bolted roll bars and ceramic break system (which were both optional on the standard GTR), the now in the middle lowered carbon roof and the little bit different forged wheels, the Pro weighs now 10kg less than the GTR.

4. Aero-Details

- longer forward drawn splinters (which are hold by little metal braces)

- two little flics on the side front apron

- Louvers on the front fenders for optimized wheel-house ventilation

- an additional gurney on the adjustable rear wing

- side, back aero elements, which are drawn from the diffusor vertically almost up to the back lights

With all these aerodynamical details, the Pro produces now 76 kg of downforce at a speed of 200 kph, instead of just 21 kg.

5. Optimized break-performance

The ceramic brakes of the GTR were again optimized and sharpened up to give the Pro even more breakforce. Which it definitely can use!

Stunning right?! It's amazing, what some minor tweeks on the same car, can make for a difference! I repeat! Have in mind that this is still the same engine with same performance figures like the GTR!

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