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Toyota Picnic

Aktualisiert: 21. Sept. 2022

This is a 17 years old Toyota Picnic! Yes! You heard that right! 17 years. And our test car did just about 80'000 km quit. Even though the 17 years and 80'000 kilometres, this car runs still like a swiss handcrafted watch: Without any signs of wear.

So now to the car itself: This car is all about space. You got more than enough space in the front, same in the backseat-row and of course the trunk is huge as well!

A perfect fit for hobby craftsman/-woman as well as people, who have to carry big items or want a very comfortable and roomy ride.

If you were just 2 people travelling (not 7, because that's possible thanks to a third seat-row for 2 persons) the loading capacity is 1841 litres! Back then between 1996 and 2001 (the time the car was produced), these figures were class leading by far. But with 7 people travelling, the left boot capacity shrank to 182 litres. Understandable.

122 horses are powering this car. The engine, a four-cylindered, inline ottomotor, is producing 178 Nm of torque at 4400 rpm. That means, if you put down your foot and go full pedal to the metal... Just nothing happens. And we were not expecting that, even with the transimission on overdrive mode (for up-hill, offroad and snowy conditions).

But that doesn't mean the motor is bad or anything like that. It just meant, that the engine was trying to drive you and your craftsman/-woman tools as smoothly as possible from A to B (so nothing brakes). And this car was indeed very very good at it!

So our final verdict: The Picnic is like it's name says, big enough to carry you and your beloved ones to a nice and bountiful picnic!

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