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The Toyota GR Supra

GR – The initials stand for GAZOO Racing. That means, this car was co engineered with the World Rallye Team GAZOO Racing. The intention: To develop a dignified successor to the hall of fame Supra MK4. And this, my dearest motorsport friends, is the new one in the family:

What immediately meets the eye, is it’s resemblence in many parts of the new GR Supra: The body work, the front grill with it’s three divided air ducts, the gently indicated MK4 shaped head lights and especially the design of the rear end. The design is not just trying to one hundred percently imitate the MK4. It’s more like showing Toyota’s development of the last years, in collaboration with GR, engineered, refined and brought into one car. The absolute Supra fans might find the difference of these two relatives a bit too extreme. For example the missing big rear wing spoiler or the big eye headlights, making the car look like one of the dragons from How to train your Dragon. But we like it so far! Modern, but with old touches.

But not everything is emerged from the roots of the MK4. It starts to look different, when it comes to the engine and the base of the GR Supra: The engine and the base of the car are taken over from the BMW Z4. As well as some technical parts like the controls in the center console inside the GR Supra and mechanical parts like BMW‘s TwinScroll-Turbo.

Speaking of which: The BMW’s 3.0l inline 6 cylinders engine with TwinScroll-Turboboost are producing 340 hp and 500 Nm of torque! And thanks to the engine moving significantly backwards, now the new GR Supra has a weight distribution of 50:50. All the power, the advantageous weight distribution, as well as some new active dampers and a limited-slip differential on the rear axle (possible lock up to 100%), this car accelerates fast, is agile through the curves and feels brutally fast! The short wheelbase is also jointly responsible for the amazing handling on the track.

We recommend you to try this car out! Test it und you will see, what we mean. It’s a whole bunch of fun to throw this car into the curves and accelerate back out with a big smile on your face. Promised!

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