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The Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Aktualisiert: 19. Nov. 2020

They have done it again! Scuderia Ferrari was working yet again on a supersport car without us knowing. And this is their newest interpretation of connecting racing and everyday driving: The Ferrari SF90 Stradale!

It is yet again a unique, matchless masterpiece! Like everytime, when Ferrari is announcing a new, like the name tells, street legal supersport car. But without further enthuse, let’s get into the details!

The bolide is powered not just by an internal combustion engine. I mean, that would be really boring isn’t it 😂 Not just one, or two, but three electric motors are helping the internal combustion engine, to overcome anything called turbo lag. They themselves are producing 220 hp. So we can expect the car to have the reaction and immediate throttle response, as well as power delivery, like an e-sports car. Immediate torque delivery is guaranteed!

Two of the three e-motors are sitting on the front axle and supplying power to each of the front wheels. That should help the car getting maximum grip available, although the front wheels have to care about the whole steering and maneuvering of the car too.

And the last e-motor is positioned in the back of the car, between internal combustion engine and transmission. This one is boosting the 780 hp coming from the V8.

So alltogether you will have a thousand horsepower to tame!

What the eye immediately recognizes, is the new aerodynamic philosophy of the SF90 Stradale.

The car is designed to generate a high airflow to the cooling aggregates of the engine, the transmission, intercooler, battery pack and electric motors. This is due to the high temperatures of over 900° Celsius, these parts are emitting.

And to keep the cw-value as low as possible, the SF90 Stradale comes with so called vortex-generators underneath the car, geometrically optimized forged wheels, the body work itself and a shut-off gurney at the back.

The shut-off gurney has two parts: One is stationary and the third braking light is integrated in it. The other is agile and manages the contact pressure to the ground.

It's absolutely incredible to see, what ways they went, to achieve this aerodynamic integrity. The very different approach on aerodynamic management is what makes the SF90 Stradale a superior strength.

It’s stunning, how even internal combustion engines can be optimized and how much power and efficiency was reached in the past years!

We are waiting for you SF90 Stradale!

This article is dedicated to Sebastian Vettel for his outstanding performance in wet conditions at the Turkish Grand Prix. P3! Way to go Seb!

And of course the incredible driving of our seven-times world driver champion Lewis Hamilton! #stillrising

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