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The Ferrari Roma

Aktualisiert: 20. Nov. 2020

Ferrari calls it the F1 bolide in suit and tie 😂. And it reminds us of exactely that! This, ladies and gentlemen, this is the very first Formula 1 car in suit and tie!

The Ferrari Roma occurs with a very distinctive, streamlined, ground scratching design đŸŽïž I like it a lot! It’s a seemless, made out of one piece design. Very cool!

Pictures speak louder than words – Here’s what I mean:

The car has different driving modes from Race to Wet. No matter what happens, you will have the right setup available in one click!

But the real game changer the Ferrari Roma brings along, is the so called FDE. FDE stands for Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer. This is what it does:

The FDE works alongside with the ESP (the Electronic Stability Program) and brakes individual or several tires, which need more grip. In this way, the FDE can control and stabilize the yaw-angle of the vertical axis of the car. In understandable terms: The FDE is preventing the car from unintentional sliding. And the cool thing is: It’s also available in race mode, with a slightly adapted setup. It allows slip up to a certain point. So that the driver is getting the most possible power to the ground for some really easy fast laps! Impressive!

The Ferrari Roma is powered by a 8-cylinder V-engine, producing 620 horsepower and 760 Nm of torque. It’s a turbocharged engine with a lot of pulling power, especially with the FDE enabled!

Alltogether, I think we can relate to why Ferrari is calling the car a F1 bolide in suit and tie đŸŽïž It’s completely justified!

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