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Ford Mustang Mach-E

Aktualisiert: 4. Sept. 2020

The Ford Mustang Mach-E is appearing with some stunning figures: 600km driving range (ER), 285hp (210kW, ER), 415Nm of torque etc. The question is: Will Ford hold these figures and will there be still enough place for five passengers, without being cramped in because of the spacetaking batteries? And the most important question of course: Will the batteries be able to be recharged nearly as fast as a car running on fuel?

We hope so! And we trust them! Ford was very reliable on their cars and figures since we can think. The company has shaped the automotive world heavily, since their day of birth. We don't have to look very far back: The EcoBoost Engine is a sign of Ford, that they haven't given up on still developing and improving the internal combustion engine. But also haven't lost the connection to the future, which is all about being green and the power of electricity.

Ford is managing to hold the important balance between the improving of the roots (internal combustion engine) and the future.

So the Ford Mustang Mach-E is finding it's place at making electric cars everyday usable. There will be two model options: The Standard-Range model with 75.7 kWh and the Extended-Range model with 98.8 kWh.

The Standard-Range According to WLTP the Mach-E with the 75.7 kWh battery is able to run about 450km on one load. That is very impressive. Becuase this range is available from a just 75.7 kWh battery! Other cars of today are not that efficient yet. In comparison, a Tesla Model S 75D has a range of about 380km, realistically spoken. But we have to say, the stated range of 450km, which will go down about 15% at normal driving conditions in the todays traffic normally, seems not very groundbraking. It is still not braking the 500km boundary yet.

But with the Extended-Range model, this boundary could be history!

The Extended-Range The Extended-Range model of the car is promising us an incredible, not ever seen, 600km of driving range with an 98.8 kWh battery! These, ladies and gentlemen, ARE GROUNDBRAKING FIGURES!

If we will be able of driving a let's say realistical 500km, this drivetrain could be the idol for the whole automobile industry. Because even if the car has so much energy to deliver, there will be no putbacks on interior space, storage and sporty yet fun driving experience.

Additional to the boot space, there will be a reasonably siced storage (100l) in the front of the car with even a drain tap.

And the most important fact in connection to the Extended-Range: The batteries will be rechargeable at up to 150kW. That means theoretically we will be able to charge the batterie for 10 minutes and getting 98km of range back in this time. That is indeed groundbraking!

The Mach-E GT

There will be also a more fun version of this car, called the Mach-E GT.

This is the car, we are expecting to test!

This car will produce 465hp and incredible 830Nm of torque. That should be enough for a 0-100 kph acceleration of under 5s. The actual numbers will be on the market soon.

So we are extraordinary excited to hear about this car in the future and test it's heart and soul! The Mach-E is launching next year 2021.

Stay tuned for the next updates on this supercar!

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