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DAS I Dual Axis Steering

Dual Axis Steering / DAS = Toe Changing System

What is Toe?

The toe of a car is the angle of the front tires in relation to the direction of the driving line.

Toe in/Pulling the steering wheel towards you

Pulls the tires towards each other -> <-

+ More scrub against the driving surface, brings more and faster heat into the front tires. Especially the outter area (outter edge) of the front tires, which is difficult to heat up anyway.

+ Snappier front end while turning into a curve, means more direct turn in possible.

- Tire wear.

Toe out (to Standard Toe)/Pushing the steering wheel away from you

Pushes the tires away from each other <- ->

+ Can in certain situations stabilize the car after turning in into a corner.

+ Better tire temperature management. You are able to for instance even out the temperature on the tire surface or increase the temperature on the outter area of the tire surface by changing the toe.

+ Less tire wear.

- Less reactive turn in.

The whole system brings the big advantage, that the driver is able to better control mainly the temperature of the whole tire surface, means the inner side and the outter edge of the tires.

To manage all these different consequences of changing the toe and with that the behaviour of the tires, requires a finesse of driving skills.

But if you master this technique, this system will become your very best friend on the track and give you a lot of advantages.

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