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The Bugatti Bolide Concept

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Bugatti Bolide! A track-refined supersport Divo? No! It’s more than just that! The Bolide has got a pure race soul and a one and only goal: To be crazy fast!

You could think, It's theoretically a new interpretation of the Bugatti Divo or La Voiture Noire with some really amazing modifications: That could be your opinion right now. Because in a way, a lot of experience from these siblings, and even from the Chiron and Veyron are coming here together. But trust me, this car is definitely unique and has it’s completely own heart!

And of course, some more extra power from the W16 quadturbo engine, producing now 1850 hp and 1850 Nm of torque!

Speaking of power: You see, how the Bugatti engineers managed to tickle a few hundreds of horsepower more, out of the normally 1500 horsepower engine. As if 1500 horsepower were not enough 😂.

But this 8l W16 quadturbo, could do even more, but dependent to all the other parts and bits of the car, like the weight and the superintelligent permanent all wheel drive, not only the Bolide but every Bugatti car, has got the ideal balance of power enabled to it. Complex engineering is going on behind the manufacturer‘s doors of Bugatti in Molsheim, France. All the heat management, power distribution to each wheel at any sort of condition, holding the best possible acceleration, the fine tuning of the stability controls and it's different modes, as well as the handling on the track, are just a few little things, the engineers have to balance out perfectly!

The Bugatti Bolide is an absolute lightweight too, considering the engine size and luxurity of the car. It just weighs 1240 kg! That’s less than a Ford Focus 1.5l Ecoboost!

From 0-100 the car will push you into the seats with an incredible acceleration of just 2.17 s! That’s 0.13 s faster than the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport! Doesn’t sound like much, but at the front end of top accelerations, this is a world! Only the Tesla Roadster could be faster with a 0-100 kph time of under 2 seconds. Incroyable!

And have a look at these F1 like acceleration and deceleration figures:

2.17 s from 0-100 kph! Sorry, but I really have to emphasize that! And additonally, a perfect handling through the corners, thanks to the massively reduced weight and high performance! Means extremely fast apex speeds and fast accelerations on the straights! New Nordschleifen record to come? I think so!

Bugatti brought this car on the spot, where it belongs. The chassis, powertrain, aero and durability of the car is in perfect harmony! That makes this car so incredibly fast!

The perfect balance between these attributes of any car, can make the difference in how this car feels on the track. The similarity to the mastercalss F1 is remarkable here!

We hope, the car holds it’s promises. Even more, we really want this car to be road legal, as well as being actually produced more than ones. Because like I said, at the moment this is still a concept car.

But we want it to be a road legal production bolide very badly! 😆

And now, just enjoy the brilliance of the finest combustion engine perfection!

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Nico Lai
Nico Lai
Dec 28, 2021

Hello fellow Indien, is this your Car ? Greetings Selva

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