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TEST DRIVE | Mitsubishi ASX |

This is the Mitsubishi ASX. A car which finds it's sweet spot in family use and makes the life of parents realy easy. Under the bonet you'll find a 2.2l v4 valve engine which produces 150hp and 360Nm of torque. Enough for carrying around your up to five person family (5 seater). It's a pitty, it has no 2 additional seating options in the back. The reason for that lays in the too short wheelbase and too short car length. This car falls into the niche of compact-SUVs. As the name says it, "compact", that's the reason for the short length of the car, which amounts just 4295mm = 4.295m. Just over four metres, which is unfortunately not enough, to fit two additional seats in the back. Head room back there would be also a bit of a problem, because of the slyghtly falling roofline.

Speaking of design: In our eyes, the Mitsubishi ASX looks very smart. The big trapezoid front grill looks really agressive and sporty. The back end and the side profile with the falling roofline give the car as well a highly sporty touch.

The passenger will feel very roomy in this car. Every single seat has enough kneeroom and headroom. The front seats have various options to adjust. The backseats are a bit on the firm side. And there are no way to recline the seats there, which is absolutely normal in this price range of the car. But it would help to make up the firm seats. But all in all, there is plenty of room for your family.

Regardless of whether it's rainy, snowy or even a little icy outside, with the intelligent four wheel drive of the ASX you will conquer every terrain! (Offroad and on snow and ice driving experience-video available at the end of the page)

The boot capacity is numbered from 445l up to 1219l! In our test, we were able to fit anything in there. Especially a bicycle of 27'. With the back seats folded down, there is no hump on the floor, so you are able to easily slide in your luggage and boxes.

So what's our final verdict: You should shortlist this car. It's a really good value for price. But maybe you'll find also other considerable options, which you should compare For example the Skoda Octavia for the family practicality or the Toyota Picnic for the bigest boot capacity we've ever seen. It has to be the most practical car for you. But it still is the best car in between them for sure!

Also check out our full in-depth review videos of the Mitsu! We tried to drive the ASX on extreme conditions in rain, snow and even on ice! ENJOY!

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